Internal communication has now become an indispensable thing in businesses. Based on technology, AIC’s internal communication application via information display screen can reduce common manual communication tasks and connect employees thanks to supporting applications.

Coming to Noi Bai Cargo Services JSC (NCTS), one of our key customers, this solution is considered as an effective form of communication applied on modern advanced tools. With many connected Video Walls, internal messages are transmitted clearly, accurately and vividly. Contribute to improving employees’ understanding of the mission, products and services that the Company provides.

At AIC, we have everything you need to build dynamic and engaging video walls, from led, lcd and a variety of display options and content management solutions to fully customizable services and support from our professional services.

With several TAA-compliant options, we also serve mission-critical control room applications, situation rooms, and large government projects.

Put our video wall solutions to work in a wide range of applications, from retail, hospitality, and education to transportation and a range of commercial applications.


@ Noi Bai International Airport