KVM Technology
Matrix Switch / Extender

KVM (stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse) is a solution to switch, extend and convert computer signals. Smart KVM solution allows optimizing operating processes and workspace with the goal of:

  • High-speed transmission without delay
  • Safety and confidentiality, avoiding information leakage
  • Improve redundancy and protection network and data
  • Maintenance easyly and quickly
  • Easily expanding whole system without limit
  • Saving workspace, concentrating resources
KVM technology provides full flexibility and enables operators to select the critical information they need to ensure that the network operates with complete safety and utmost reliability.

KVM Extenders enable computer access from remote workstations. This makes it easy to relocate critical computers and servers in secure, environmentally controlled environments to protect them from heat, dirt, moisture, and unauthorized access.

The KVM Extender experience:

  • Point-to-point connection, lossless of signal quality.
  • Access computers from remote workstations, secure against unauthorized access, high temperatures.
  • Removes noise, heat gain, and clunky cpu from your workspace.
  • A buffer that increases security proactively at all times at each workstation.
  • 2-way encryption, minimizing information leakage.
  • Directly transmitting data between the workstation and the computer.

KVM Matrix Switches allow multiple users to access, share, and exchange information between multiple computers sources. A KVM switch allows any data signal to be displayed on any screen. Control room operational staff can select the detailed information they require at every moment of their working day instantly changing between sources and applications.

The KVM Matrix Switch experience: Enables users to operate multiple computers or multiple users to access many different computers.

  • Modular and scalable to adapt to future technology.
  • Plug-and-play connection: reduce MTBF.
  • Quick access at the same time multiple data sources between different operating systems.
  • Hot-desking: Optimize data/work flow from server room to workstations.
  • Real-time instant switching: no latency when switching sources.