Smart Signage Display Solution

As a solution to display information, advertising images or other types of data on LCD, LED, Plasma screens…
Smart Signage Solution provided by AIC includes outstanding features to meet the diverse needs of each customer:

• Provides professional image quality with superior contrast ratio, coupled with finest colour uniformity and brightness.

• Allows management of the displayed content centrally, remotely, and option for content customization according to the preset schedule and appropriate, real-time condition to bring users the most interesting experience.

• Capable of integrating other solutions such as: facial recognition, customer survey and feedback, scheduling, and smart queuing to bring out the best customer experience.

• Diversifying of displayed content: support to design, manage advertising content, customise display content on different screen sizes.

• The display screen is suitable, optimal for any space to appeal viewers. The system is integrated with facial recognition cameras to display appropriate advertising content and is able to collect data on the number of views, age, gender, and attitudes of customers when viewing ads.