Video Wall Display Solution

The Video Wall Display Solution consists of a system of multiple display screens that are bounded together to form a large display screen, allowing full-screen projection of one or multiple contents at the same time. Utilising the most advanced technology, the Video Wall Display Solution brought by AIC possesses the following outstanding features:

  • Unlimited screen size coupled with optimal brightness and resolution.
  • Ultra-thin border for a seamless, uniform and lifelike viewing experience, improving viewers focus and their ability to memorise the displayed content associated with each video.
  • Ability to operate 24/7 with superior stability.
  • Build and allocate display layouts with multiple display windows, customise display content as well as different display cell sizes.
  • Easy to install and secure the screen in place without distraction to the viewer. There is no need to disassemble the entire videowall if there is a part of the screen that requires adjustment.
  • Data is connected and displayed in real time, and is integrated as multi-screen direct display from peripheral devices such as computers or IP cameras …

Due to the attributes and advantages offered by the Video Wall Display Solution, it is commonly employed as a matter of special priority in security monitoring, air traffic control, flight control centre, and hydroelectricity control centre.
Video Wall Display Solution is widely applied in the following fields:

  • Command and control centre.
  • Security and defence.
  • Airport, train station.
  • Shopping centres/fashion/retail/automotive showroom.
  • Museums, libraries.
  • Hotels, resorts.