Wireless Conferencing System

Digital technology has changed significantly in corporate governance and has also changed the meeting style of every business. Total solution brought by AIC is the latest Wireless Connectivity System, which is designed for maximum flexibility, freedom, and ease of having cable-free connectivity from its own device.

The Wireless Connectivity System solution by AIC can optimize meeting organization, enhance work experience, and maximize productivity thanks to the following outstanding features:

• No need to install software.

• Application is fully supported on Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. Use dual WiFi technology.

• Support single view, split view 1×2 or quad view 2x on each screen; up to 16 users can be connected simultaneously.

• Infobit’s unmatched 3-in-1 design allows the wireless system to be fully compatible with USB-A, Type-C and HDMI interfaces. This allows connecting to a wide screen becomes convenient and easy.